Change how you think. Change how you act.
We can all learn to be curious, kind, and nonjudgmental.
Aimed at facilitating deep self-discovery, coaching is a thoughtful way to begin a life of awareness of self and others. With the guidance and perspective of a coach, you can experience a shift in the way you think and ultimately a shift in the way you act.
This work begins by simply telling our stories.
By taking an honest look at the stories we tell ourselves and the impact those inner stories have on us, we can transform how we engage with the world around us. When we begin to tell our stories in safe, nonjudgmental spaces, we are opened up to lasting change. Through coaching, you learn to recognize your own patterns, unlock potential, and achieve meaningful goals.
Develop strategies for growth and gain clarity on your values. 
Through coaching, you learn to recognize your own patterns, unlock potential, and achieve meaningful goals. If you are looking to grow as a leader, navigate challenges, or accomplish a series of goals, coaching is for you.
Anyone and everyone is encouraged to seek coaching.
Whether you're a top executive dealing with challenges at work, looking to improve your leadership skills, or just need help navigating  changes in life, coaching is for you.
Our recommendation is to meet with your coach for an hour every other week, but we get that you have a busy schedule. We'll work with you to determine a timing and frequency that works best based on your goals and availability.
Outside of the scheduled coaching session, you'll have access to support from your coach via email.
If you’re located in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, in-person meetings are offered.
While being able to meet over a cup of coffee is great, if virtual works better for your location or schedule, that works for us too.
Client and coach will work to develop a collaborative relationship, in which client will share goals and honest reflections about thoughts, feelings and behaviors as a means for learning and gaining clarity for growth. The coach will provide confidential space for nonjudgemental exploration, curiosity, and honest observations.  
Occasional take-home-work may be assigned.
Meet your coach
Carrie Sinsabaugh specializes in leadership development and nurturing team growth. After 20 years of combined experience in community-building, education, and balancing work while raising a family, Carrie transitioned to coaching, aiming to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and thrive amidst life's complexities.
Certified as a Lark's Song Coach and by the Dan Allender Center, she champions people's inherent wholeness, creativity, and relational strengths.

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Understand your story. Understand yourself.