Understand your story.

Understand yourself.

Story is how we process the world.
We use story to make sense of who we are, and how we fit in the world around us. We tell stories about our daily lives and about things we experience. We tell stories to remember our past and where we come from. We tell stories to hope for our future. We read books, watch movies, talk about tv shows, and listen to podcasts. We are wired to connect with others through sharing and listening to stories.
We open up to lasting change when we tell our stories.
At OverStory, we believe that if we examine the stories we tell ourselves and understand the impact of those internal narratives, we can transform how we engage with others. By sharing our stories in safe, nonjudgemental spaces we can identify patterns of how we relate to others, the world around us, and ourselves.

This work begins by simply telling your story. 

One on one

Meet with a coach regularly for ongoing and personalized support in reaching your goals.

with others

Join Storied Lives to tell your story in community with other people going through the same journey.

Meet your coach
Carrie Sinsabaugh specializes in leadership development and nurturing team growth. After 20 years of combined experience in community-building, education, and balancing work while raising a family, Carrie transitioned to coaching, aiming to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and thrive amidst life's complexities.
Certified as a Lark's Song Coach and by the Dan Allender Center, she champions people's inherent wholeness, creativity, and relational strengths.

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Understand your story. Understand yourself.